Christian Dating 101


Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #1 Absolutely Positively NO SEX!

  • Fornicators and adulterers will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Don’t defile your temple by letting one not sent by God intrude. Sex has become devalued and overrated in today’s society. It means something to God and it should mean something to His children. You won’t die or burst from not doing it, so stop believing all the lies. The more you engage in pre-marital ties the more soul-ties God has to break before He can send you the right person. Sex is the means in which two people become one in holy matrimony. Just because yall ain’t married doesn’t mean you have not become one in the Spirit. That’s why you can’t get him off your mind. That’s why you still remember when it happened and how it felt. That’s why you get weak whenever you think about him or he comes around. The bible says “Be ye holy for I am holy!” Just because everybody’s doing does not make it right. He may be fine, but is he fine enough to go to hell for?

 Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #2 Don’t be unequally yoked!

  • Going to church don’t make you a Christian, no more than standing in the garage makes you a Cadillac! Explore his relationship with the Lord. Is he living a holy Christ-like life? Don’t hook up with someone playing Christian. Remember there is no compromising on the word. Beware of those who twist the word in THEIR favor. If it don’t agree with your teachings, WALK AWAY. Even if you don’t know a particular scripture he may be attempting to quote, the Holy Ghost will give you a check in your Spirit to let you know it ain’t right. Don’t igore it. WALK AWAY. The word is the word, it needs no defense, you should not have to debate your beliefs or prove why you do or don’t do something. WALK AWAY. Even if he is a proclaimed “Leader” in the church, WALK AWAY.

  Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #3 If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything

  • Know your boundaries and standards before you start dating and why, someone can easily come along and try to change them, but if you stick to them, you will be happier. Don’t compromise. Men will either live up to your standards or walk away. Don’t cry/mourn over those who walk away. Especially know your sexual triggers. There is always a point of no return. If you know that if you cuddle up with him on the couch watching TV and he gets to rubbing or y’all start kissing and before you know it you in the bathroom crying and repenting. Don’t do it! If you put the flesh in a familiar situation it will do and react familiarly. The bible says flee sexual immorality, not stand there and reason with it!

 Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #4 Stop trying to turn Mr. Wrong into Mr. Right

  • Don’t be afraid to walk away from someone, if they are not what you want. Relationships take time. The right one will come along. The sooner you walk away the easier it will be to move on. Remember there are no regrets, in standing on your beliefs. To thine own self be true!

 Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #5 Keep your eyes wide open!

  • The presence of a new beau can be exciting and your judgment can be clouded in the excitement. Pray and ask God for guidance. Talk to your friends and loved ones, they may be able to see what you can’t. Dating should be fun but remember everything should be decent and in order. Hint: If you are afraid to tell someone about Him, what are you hiding? He may not be the one and you are just too scared to admit it.

Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #6 Get out the house, make him date you!

  • Date outside the home. Do not spend time, especially in the beginning, in and out of each other’s home. Make him work for it, make him date you. You are worth it. Just because you are a homebody doesn’t mean you should spend time at home. The relationship should progress. If he can come to your house, lay all over your couch, kick his feet up, watch tv, bring his boys over to watch the game, and eat up your good cooking. Why would he want to marry you? Don’t give all of you away too soon.

 Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #7 Make him respect you, especially your body.

  • He ain’t blind, and you ain’t braille. Don’t allow him to touch you inappropriately. If you want a gentleman (opening doors, pulling our chairs) make him be a gentleman. Don’t touch a door knob in his presence. Don’t go through a door unless he opens it. Stand until he pulls out his seat. Like I said before you are worth it. Either he will step up or step away. Either way you win.

 Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #8 Don’t move too fast before the relationship is defined

  • Friends don’t kiss! If the relationship is not defined, continue to treat him as your friend. Don’t wait till after you kiss to ask “where is this going?” Don’t assume you are his woman, because he kissed you or because you spend so much time together. Until he says it, you keep treating him like a friend, and not friends with benefits. That means kiss on the hand and the good ole church hug!

 Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #9 Don’t be afraid to be you. Keep it 100.

  • Voice your opinion. If you don’t like something or something feels wrong. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Stop worrying about whether he likes you. Remember, ladies you hold the cards, be more concerned about whether you like him! Men don’t read your mind. Speak your mind and you will be happier, and eliminate the “pressure pot” scenario: allowing things to build up until you can’t take it no more, then the lid pops off!

  Christian Dating Rules 101: Rule #10 Dress to Impress

  • If you don’t want him to treat you like a W****, stop dressing like one! If he can see everything you got, why would he want to explore deeper. The energy you put out is the energy you receive. You might be constantly getting approached by “dogs” because you acting like you in heat. IJS! When did Naked become the new Sexy? If you want him to be attracted to your mind, stop leading with your body!


Stop Asking Me Why Am I Single


As a Christian do you find it hard to be single? Do you desire marriage and question why you have not found “the one God created just for you?” Do your ideals about the perfect mate, consume your thoughts, actions, and time? Are you lonely and struggle with finding contentment? Have you become frustrated at being single? I feel your pain. I understand. Because I felt the same way. Stop Asking Me Why Am I Single was birthed from my frustrations.

At first glance, mStop_Asking_Me_-Why__Cover_for_Kindleany assume “Stop Asking Me Why Am I Single” is a proclamation to the world about the anger of constantly being asked the same question. But on the contrary it is a revelation from the Holy Spirit after I posed the same question to God. What’s wrong with me? Why haven’t you sent me my husband? Why am I still single? His answer: Stop asking Me “Why Am I Single?” Enjoy who you are and where you are with God!

I could not enjoy where I was because I did not know or like who I was. Stop Asking Me ‘Why Am I Single?” is my journey of discovering who I am, who God created me to be, and my deliverance from the hurts of the past so that I could walk in my purpose. Each chapter represents deliverance from a particular area and offers a transparent view of the hurtful situations that got me there.

It is not a complete guide but rather my personal testimony of the faithfulness and patience of God. My desire in writing this book is that through my struggles others will gain insight and deliverance as well. It is available online in paperback and eBook. Please click the following links to purchase.

Paperback           $10.99 USD                    EBook                   $6.49 USD